Anaglyphic 3D Cards

I've always been fascinated with 3D photography. In the '80s, I got a Nimslo 3D camera. It uses regular 35 mm film, but it has 4 lenses and takes 4 half-frame exposures. Then, with special processing, you get prints that look like 3D post cards. The problem is that no one does the processing anymore. But, I still used the camera and took 2 of the 4 frames to produce an image that can be viewed with 3D anaglyphic glasses.

More recently, Fujifilm introduced a sophisticated digital 3D camera. It has a view screen that does not require special glasses, and you can plug it into a 3D TV. It takes 10 megapixel 3D photos plus 720p HD 3D video. There is also third party software available to convert the digital files into red/cyan anaglyphs.

Here is a photo from a Holiday card I sent out recently. The photo was taken with the Fujifilm camera on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA.:


Put the red lens on the left eye, and the blue/cyan lens on the right eye.