About My Web Site

In addition to being informative, my website endeavors to be a good example of my work. I use clean design, database driven dynamic content management, and open source standards like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.

Open Source Standards

My website is hosted on a Linux server running Apache and uses PHP for most of the scripting. Perl is also used in a few specific cases. The content is managed in my own Content Management System (CMS) which uses MySQL as the database. We sometimes refer to this as a "Hybrid-CMS" because it allows users to update only the sections of the site that are "dynamicized" while keeping the administration simpler and easy to use.

CSS, XHTML, JavaScript

My website complies with XHTML standards and uses CSS 2 for the main layout as well as menus, styles, and other components (mostly).


I test all of my work, including this website, on the most popular browsers including Windows Internet Explorer, Macintosh Safari, and Firefox.