Palm Libs

Palm Libs is an amusing application for the Palm OS for creating "random stories" in a way similar to Mac Libs. You can choose a ready-made story template and generate a story automatically, or you can have Palm Libs prompt you to supply your own words. In addition, you can write your own story templates, import and export to the Memo Pad, and add your own words for the automatic story generation mode.

How does it work?

To generate a story automatically, choose a story template from the popup list and tap the "Create Story" button. If you want to supply your own words, first tap the "Manual" button and then "Create Story". There are also menu items for importing and exporting to the Memo Pad, adding and deleting story templates and words, etc.

Aussie Slang

Aussie Slang is a silly, useless, but amusing program (amusing to me, anyway) that translates Standard English phrases into Australian slang. The program was inspired by a souvenir I picked up in Melbourne: a cardboard gizmo with 3 wheels you turn from the edge to reveal words in little windows.

How does it work?

Well, it's pretty simple. Just choose three words from the popup lists and tap the "Translate" button. Then, if you want to translate in the other direction, just tap the "Aussie" button.